Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Great products win games but...

... Great customer service wins championships.  

I'd just like to say that has TOP NOTCH customer service, bar none.  For a recent purchase from their website, the warehouse missed an item in my shipment.  I contacted customer service and promptly received a response.  Due to the holiday crush, the shipment with the missing item took a little longer than I expected, so I sent an inquiring email as to the whereabouts and, again, received a prompt response.  The item arrived shortly thereafter which was followed-up by an email from customer service asking if it had gotten to me.  To me, it's not just that they rectified the problem by shipping the missing piece and being done with it, it's that personal touch you get when their customer service follows through with such thoroughness.

Thanks Lily and the rest of the Jetpens customer service crew!  You guys are top notch!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pilot Cavalier Fountain Pen

I have never written a pen review, but this pen is absolutely the bombdiggityfoshizzy so I felt I had to write one.  First of all, the pen has a flair for the elegant.  At first, I was a little unsure as to the gold accents on the silver body, but it’s the right touch of class for a very sophisticated looking pen.  You’ll feel like a million bucks when you cradle the pen in your fingers.

The pen writes like a dream.  Granted, I have limited experience writing with fountain pens, the smoothness rivals that of non-fountain pens like the A.G. Spalding BRA157 Rollerball, Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier gel ink and the Pilot G-2 Pro, to name a few.  I would also say that it doesn’t “hang” as much as an A.G. Spalding blue-barreled fountain pen I have.  In other words, the nib flows right along the paper with little, if any, skipping.

My only (tiny) gripe is the fact that it’s a little light for my taste.  I like a pen to have some weight when I hold it and I don’t do enough extensive writing so I’m not overly concerned about hand fatigue.  Coming in at 0.5 oz, the Cavalier Fountain Pen is slightly lighter (~0.3 oz lighter) than the Hi-Tec-C Cavalier gel ink and the Ohto Fine Ceramic Roller Ball pens (which are both among my favorites).  Of course, this is a fountain and the other two aren’t, it’s like comparing apples to oranges, but I want to get around to trying the A.G. Spalding BRFT220 Fountain pens that clock in at 1.20 oz.

Pilot Cavalier Fountain Pens available at

Jetpens, get more of the silver, they're HOT!

Welcome to The Pen Chronicles

Thanks for stopping by, World.  I've recently gotten hooked by the enjoyment of Pens.  All this time I had no idea how much better a "real" pen can feel in your hands compared to one of inferior quality.  So I decided to give writing about my pen experiences a shot.  I do have to give a big shout out to Jetpens (um, did I just use the phrase "shout out?" Who does that?).  They've got an enormous selection of pens and they've helped to quench (read: deepened) my newfound addiction to pens.  A lot of the pens I'll probably write about are available on their website.  Hope you enjoy my musings!  Stay classy.