Sunday, January 10, 2010

Review: DAKS Simpson Slim Blue Fountain Pen

To our wonderful, faithful readers: we apologize for the lack of updates lately. Things got quite hectic with working and then the holidays. We'll work on getting more awesome info to you in the near future. :)

During our last trip to NYC, we made our usual trip to Kinokuniya. There I found the DAKS Simpson Slim blue fountain pen. They also had a red pen and a camel-colored pen, but I picked blue since it is one of my favorite colors. :) I was really impressed with the look of the pen (very sleek!) and the size of the nib (so small - the smallest nib I've ever seen).


DAKS Simpson Slim Fountain Pens are made by Sailor, who has been licensed to make writing instruments for DAKS (UK). These slim pens are similar to the Sailor Chalana series in terms of the slim body and small nib.


As I stated previously, this pen is slim. It fits in my hand perfectly. However, I have small hands and prefer smaller, lighter pens. If you have larger hands and prefer heftier pens, the DAKS Simpson probably isn't right for you. It seems as though this pen may be marketed towards women, as Sailor states on its website that the DAKS series is "... the stylish series for women."


The pen has a XF nib, so the line is very thin. It reminds me of a 0.38 mm gel pen, like the Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151 gel pens. However, I think the pen writes more smoothly than a traditional gel pen.

Particular Features

Body: barrel is metal and painted with a textured finish, cap is polished metal adorned (engraved) with plaid design that is DAKS trademark.
Nib: 18-karat rhodium-plated gold nib. The website the nib is fine, but I think it more closely resembles a XF nib. It lays down a really thin line, whereas a fountain pen with a fine nib, such as the Pilot Cavalier or Pilot Petit, lays down a slightly thicker line (as you can see below).

DAKS Simpson Slim FP
Pilot Cavalier FP
Pilot Petit

The pen comes with a converter, which is definitely more cost effective than using the cartridges. The cartridges are tiny and don't hold much ink.

The pen comes with a converter, which is definitely more cost effective than using the cartridges. The cartridges are tiny and don't hold much ink.

Cost and Where to Purchase

I paid $120 for my DAKS Slim Pen, which isn't cheap but well worth the money. This pen is definitely higher quality than most of my other fountain pens, and it is sleek and unique. It costs less than the Sailor Chalana, which typically costs $160+, unless you're lucky enough to find a good deal on ebay. I've only seen this pen at Kinokuniya. I guess you can probably purchase this pen in Japan as well if you ever happen to take a trip there.

Final Thoughts

If you like small, sleek, unique-looking fountain pens that write smoothly and lay down a fine line, then this pen is for you. It is an awesome pen!

07 January 2010
Review written with J. Herbin Perle Noire Ink

DAKS Simpson Slim Blue Fountain Pen

Nib comparison: DAKS Simpson nib on the left and the Pilot Cavalier Fine Point Nib on the right

Size comparison: from left to right: DAKS Simpson, Pilot Hi-Tec-C Couleur Mini Gel Ink Pen, Pilot Hi-Tec-C Slim Knock Gel Ink Pen
Size comparison: from left to right: Pilot M90, Pilot Cavalier FP, DAKS Simpson


  1. It looks nice! I saw those in the case at Kinokuniya when I was there too. I like how tiny it is.

  2. i just went to kinokuniya for the first time last week, and WOW. i love that place. wish i could find a pen with a nib like that but was more substantial. and by the way, your handwriting is very nice. also wish mine was that neat. well, i can dream.....

  3. Gentian - We couldn't believe it when we saw it, we never saw a fountain pen so small!

    Kevin - Isn't Kino great! To be honest, the first time we were there, we were a little overwhelmed, but after a few visits, we know exactly where to go for what we're looking for. And you can improve your handwriting, just takes a bit of practice and patience!

    Thanks for reading!

    Melissa and Luke

  4. Where on Earth did you learn to write so beautifully?

  5. Very helpful review. I'm also planning on purchasing one of these Sailor beauties and to save myself from making a bad a choice i'm reading a lot of reviews on this model. Someone using Chalana said that the section becomes unscrewed over time which is annoying. Do you think this problem is limited to only that pen or are you experiencing similar problems. Your answer will be a big help. Thank you.