Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: The Zebra Sarasa

Review by Melissa:

Zebra Sarasa pens are great gel pens.  I prefer the 0.7 mm tip because it gives a smoother, more consistent line than the thinner tips.  I'm not really fond of the scratchiness of the 0.4 mm pens I own.  My current favorite color of this collection is Mahogany.  I really like brown inks, and the reddish tint adds to the uniqueness of the color.  I think it's cool that 10 pack includes colors not commonly found or seen as pen (ink) colors, such as cobalt, frost, and mahogany.  The only flaw - these 0.7 pens don't dry fast enough - at least on Clairefontaine paper - so beware of smearing!  Luckily, I didn't observe this problem with other paper, such as my Mead Cambridge notebook. 


  1. I buy the .5mm ones at Kinokuniya and I find that they're a nice balance between smoothness and percision. You should test-try one to see how you like it.
    Great review and I love these pens :)

  2. Which Kinokuniya did you go to? We didn't see the 0.5 mm at the one in NY, but we may have overlooked it. Next time we go we'll keep a sharp eye out. Thanks for checking out the blog!